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  Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corporation, is Chief Architect for the CloudNFV project, an open implementation of the ETSI NFV specifications based on principles of management integration developed by the TMF and IETF.  You can get more information on the project HERE.

We have launched a new information service based on YouTube videos and hosted HERE.  If you look the site over you'll see that the main content will be in the form of video presentations (PowerPoints that are audio-annotated and turned into a video) and the recordings from Google+ Hangouts.  If you want to be advised of new material on the site, including new hangouts scheduled, email us at There is no charge for this service and we won't promote you for anything else. What will distinguish our service from others is that it's about insight and not promotion; nobody can pay to influence content there and you'll hear exactly what our president, Tom Nolle, thinks. If you know Tom, you know what to expect!

The telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) market is getting larger, more complex, and more inter-reactive every day.  TMT is fundamental to every business, every consumer, and it's also the focus point for the explosive growth of the Internet and social networking.  The ecosystem we call TMT touches everyone, everything, everywhere.  We cover that space, and we're not your typical analyst firm that publishes what are often little more than vendor press releases.  We rarely offer classical syndicated reports, in fact.  We publish a monthly technology journal (see the Publications tab for details) and that's where our research and forecasts can be found.  But our real value is as a strategic consultancy.  We know more about your market, your buyer, and your future than anyone else.  Nobody has a perfect window into the future, but we have a darn good one.  Let us prove it to you.

Companies who want to deliver products or services in the TMT sector, to support network service delivery to businesses or consumers, or to employ TMT to reach their own customers or run their own businesses need to keep on top of changes in the economy, consumer and buyer attitudes, regulatory policy, and technology trends.  We've been helping them to do that since 1982.  CIMI Corporation is a full-service strategic consultancy in the TMT sector.  We've helped firms in every part of the world, every sector in the market, every size from global giant to startup.  Our services are special because they're built around something truly unique--a global market model that was built based on surveys of hundreds of enterprises and service providers, thousands of consumers.  Our model allows us to predict market behavior with unprecedented accuracy, and we use our model results to offer guidance to companies on both macro and micro trends.

There's no substitute for strong statistical analysis and background when you're creating a product or project plan.  There's no better way to analyze your choices and pick your path than to use market-modeled scenarios to guide you.  We reflect economic data, regulatory policy, and every significant decision driver to decide how to accomplish any task from planning a global product/service set to positioning a product launch or creating a press release.

There's no boiler-plate in our recommendations, no trivialized high-level syndicated "research".  Our services are focused on you and your specific needs.  We do what we promise, at the price we commit to, on the dates we agree upon.  No excuses, no exceptions.  If this sounds like your way of doing business, then please contact us and we'll explore the future of TMT together.

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